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May 26, 2020 - A Message from Kurt Pusch and Weekly Bear Express

Dear Summit Families, When we started this year, we did so with an appreciation of our founding principles at Summit, intending to strengthen our roots as we embarked on Summit’s 23rd year and a next chapter in our school’s story. Chief among those principles, our Seven Virtues remind us that a Summit education embodies the whole-child, that learning is an experience that grows character just as much, and at times more so, than academics. In teaching our students, Summit has long been grounded in the belief that parents are our children’s first teachers. As teachers, we join parents as partners, privileged to bring our children together in a community of learning for the experience of their formal education at school, but no less apart from the values and lessons taught at home.

We did not expect that our year would conclude as it has. We have been challenged to continue our children’s education distanced from classrooms, teachers, fellow classmates, and the profound sense of place on our campus that bring all of us together in a community of learning. Families have faced new challenges, balancing parenting, working, and the new responsibility of teaching from home.

This has been the most unprecedented of years, and one that has surely shown who we are at Summit. I am grateful for that.

Summit will be Summit again. Our Summit family will join together again in our courtyard for Round Up. Students and teachers will gather again in classrooms. Our teams will take the field again. The sounds of children at play on our campus will return. I expect we may all bring a new perspective on our Seven Virtues and a deeper appreciation for community and place as the center of learning.

Thank you for your unparalleled support this year. We are most grateful for your partnership in the education of our children, and look forward to joining together on our campus again soon. Enclosed you will find updates for the 2020-21 school year as we conclude this year. We will continue to be in communication throughout the summer as we prepare for our students’ return to school in August. Have a wonderful summer!

With gratitude,


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