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Building Our Future: September 2018 Construction Update

Since the groundbreaking this spring, Summit has made rapid progress on the construction of Summit Center—the school’s first gymnasium and auditorium. In addition to serving student athletes with a fully-equipped gym, the 18,656 square foot building will include state-of-the-art classrooms for music and art education. Some of the exciting construction updates include:

  • Completed: Foundation phase, metal erection, exterior walls, roofing, mechanical rough ins

  • In Progress: Septic system upgrades are taking place with doors andwindows arriving any day. Insulation and sheetrock starting Monday, Oct. 1st.

  • What’s Next: Interior finishes to begin shortly!

As the Summit Center nears completion, the high school budgeting and permitting process is in full swing. We look forward to embarking on the high school building phase as soon as possible and will actively communicate construction progress with our school community and donors. This is an unprecedented time for all of us and we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this dream become a reality for the entire Summit community. Check back for more construction milestones!

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