April 23, 2020 - HEALTHY SNACKING! A Message from Summit's School Nurse:

Hey Summit Friends!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! Here is a special message I wanted to share with our students on the importance of healthy snacking at home:


Sometimes it can be helpful to put into practice what we’ve learned, so a fun activity you can encourage your children to do as well is to draw a picture that illustrates healthy snacking. Some ideas to use for a creative drawing include: why good nutrition is important for our bodies, how each fruit and vegetable helps our bodies in different ways, how healthy eating can be fun, etc. If your child/children would like to participate, I’d love to collect their drawings and showcase them on our next wellness video or on social media! Please send those to me by Tuesday, April 30th, if your students are participating. I also have a link with some nutrition tips you can review with your children at the conclusion of this video (carrots have a high content of vitamin A, yogurt is a great probiotic, etc.) Link: https://bit.ly/350L6kf

Happy snacking and hoping to see everyone soon!


Zandra Wingfield School Nurse, BSN, RN Summit Charter School

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