2021 Round-Up & Move Up Celebration at Summit Charter School

On Friday, May 28, we were elated to welcome our families on campus and gather as a Summit Family for our first in-person Round-Up in 437 days (yes, we've been counting!) and our traditional year-end Move Up Celebration. In closing the year, we could not think of a more fitting moment to celebrate our students, faculty, families and our One Summit Family. During this time we were grateful to honor our school community by recognizing the following:

Faculty Years of Service Recognition

One of our greatest strengths at Summit is our caring and dedicated faculty, a strength that has been especially felt in this past year. We thank ALL of our teachers for their above and beyond service to our students this year, with a special thank you to 10 faculty in particular for their milestone years of service to Summit of 5, 10, 15, and over 20 years:

-5 years of completed service: Mrs. Lehotsky, Mr. Loyd, and in her second stint as a Summit teacher, Mrs. Dyer. -10 years of completed service: Mrs. Koonts, and two faculty who completed 10 years of service last year, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Turner. -15 years of completed service: Mrs. Hughes, and two faculty who completed 15 years of service last year, Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Brannon -Over 20 years of service: Mrs. Chandler, who this year completed her 22nd year of service at Summit. We also recognize 4 faculty members who completed their final year of service at Summit: Mr. Wisniewski, Mrs. Wingfield, Mrs. Pineda, Mrs. Kapity. You will be missed, and thank you! OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD Summit is not only blessed with amazingly dedicated teachers, we are supported in endless ways by deeply committed families. During this year, we recognized four individuals in particular whose “Outstanding Service” to Summit has consistently shone through over these past two school years: Marsha LaFontaine, Sergio Barranco, Tracie Jernigan, and Ann Betty. The partnership between our teachers, staff, and families in service of our students is a pillar of Summit, and one that has been especially important in this past year. Thank you! In closing, we recognized students that achieved High Academic Honors and each class moving forward to their next grade. We hope you can take a moment to view the pictures and you can also watch the celebration in full via our YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/L3zzz8oVDwU

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