Weekly Head of School Note - 9/7/21

September 7, 2021

Dear Summit Family,

I hope you enjoyed the Labor Day weekend! As a faculty and staff, we continue to be grateful for the opportunity to carry our mission forward each day with our students here on campus. This week, I have the privilege of experiencing that more directly than I might otherwise in a typical week. For the next seven school days, I have the opportunity to teach Mr. Loyd’s 12th grade AP Research and Civics & Economics classes while he is away co-leading the 9th and 10th grade trip in Wyoming. Being in class with students is always a highlight of any day for me on campus, and is a reminder of why I feel so passionate about our mission at Summit. Today, relishing the opportunity to spend a little more time with our students, I asked a few Seniors about their experiences in the first few weeks of their Senior year. They each had their unique perspective, but there was a common thread in each of their responses--the powerful sense of connection they experience as Summit students that is a continued source of motivation--even in their Senior year.

A short conversation with any student on our campus is a reminder of what a special community we have here at Summit, and the importance of the mission that we strive to keep at the forefront each and every day--to stimulate discovery, inspire excellence, and nurture a positive influence in an ever-changing world. As our community continues to face the challenges and setbacks of this pandemic, our commitment to our students’ health, safety, and the quality of their learning experience consistent with our mission remains unwavering.

Thank you for your continued support.

Climb on!


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