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Admissions Policy

Summit Charter School is a nonprofit, tuition-free charter school authorized by the state of North Carolina. As a charter school, Summit will be open to all students who would otherwise qualify for enrollment in North Carolina Public Schools. The school will not discriminate against any student on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age, or disability. Summit’s admissions proceedings are guided by North Carolina Legislation § 115C-218.45.

Applications for enrollment will become available by September 1 of each year, and may be requested or picked up in the school’s office, or downloaded from the school’s website. Completed applications must be received in hand at the school office by January 16. At that time the determination will be made as to whether a lottery will be required. If there are more applicants than there are spots available, a lottery will be held on January 31, or the first day of school following January 31, should that date fall on a Saturday or Sunday. 


To determine space availability, enrollment preference will be given in the following order:

1. Enrolled Summit Students: Students currently enrolled in Summit Charter School do not need to reapply for admissions on an annual basis. Returning students are given top priority, and families will be issued an Intent to Return form to complete and return to the school during the open enrollment period.

2. Children of Full-time School Employees: Children of full-time Summit employees will be given preference for enrollment when space is available. When no slots are available, or when there are more full-time staff children than spaces available, there will be a staff lottery for that grade level. No more than 15% of the school's total enrollment of children of full-time employees can receive preference.

3. Siblings of Enrolled Summit Students: Siblings of currently enrolled students at Summit will receive preference for enrollment when space is available. When no slots are available or when there are more siblings than spaces available, there will be a sibling lottery for that grade level. The law defines siblings as any of the following who reside in the same household: full-siblings, half-siblings, stepsiblings, and children residing in a family foster home.

4. Opportunity Preference: Any former student enrolled as Summit within the last two academic years but left due to an academic study abroad program, competitive admission residential program, or vocational opportunities of the parents, will receive enrollment preference.

5. Legacy Preference: Siblings of students that completed the eighth grade at Summit and were enrolled at least since fourth grade can receive sibling preference as described above.

Each family will be offered the choice to either enter all of their children into the lottery with one surname or enter each child separately in the lottery. If the family chooses to enter their children with one surname, they must choose the grade level in which they would like their surname entered. If the surname is pulled during the lottery when there are available spots in the grade level, then all siblings will be admitted immediately if space is available in their respective grade levels. If there is no space available, the remaining siblings will be placed on the waiting list in the order of the admitted sibling’s placement.
If multiple birth siblings apply to the school, their surname will be entered once to represent all of the multiple birth siblings. If the multiple birth siblings are in different grades, the parent will be asked to choose the grade in which they would like their surname entered. If that surname is pulled in the lottery, all of the multiple birth siblings will be admitted immediately.
In the event a lottery must be held, the Summit Family Association President, the Summit Charter School Board Chairman, the Summit Charter School Director, the Summit Charter School Administrative Officer, and one designated witness shall meet on January 31, or the first day of school following January 31, should that date fall on a Saturday or Sunday. The lottery will be held at 9:30am at the school, and is open to the public. The lottery will begin with the eighth grade and work down to Kindergarten. The parties will designate a “drawer”, and the administrative officer shall act as the recording secretary. The names of the eligible applicants will be folded and placed in a container. The drawer will then draw the names, and the administrative officer shall record the names in the order drawn. Once all available spaces are filled, a waiting list will be established, listing the students in the order drawn as set forth above. This waiting list will be used in the event that a spot opens and the school chooses to fill the vacancy before or during the school year.

The Summit Charter School Director will notify each applicant, in writing, of its placement. Each admitted applicant shall accept admission in writing no later than 10 days after notification of admission. If the applicant does not notify the school of its acceptance of admission on or before the 10th day, the applicant will be deemed to have declined admission, and the first child on the waiting list will be offered admission.

Any students applying after the open enrollment period will be placed on the wait list directly after any waitlisted students from the lottery in the order the application was received
Summit Charter School reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any student or family under the following circumstances:

•  The student is currently under a term of expulsion or suspension by his or her school, until that term is over.

•  A parent or guardian willingly and knowingly provided incorrect information on the enrollment application.

•  If a student has accepted enrollment at the school, but does not appear at the school in the first 2 days of school, the school will make reasonable attempts to contact the parents. If there is no response from the parent by the 5th day of school, Summit reserves the right to remove the student from their enrollment roster and offer a position to the next student on the waiting list.

Current students at Summit are invited to return the following year and do not have to go through the initial enrollment proceedings. Current families wishing to reenroll will be given an Intent to Return form to complete and return to the school during the open enrollment period to allow the school to plan appropriately for the lottery.
Students residing on the waiting list may be granted enrollment during the school year if space becomes available. Families will be notified of the opening and will have 10 days to accept the position. If the position is declined or no response is received within the 10-day period, the next person on the waiting list will be offered the position. All students on the waiting list may resubmit their application for the next school year. In the event more applications are received than spaces available, a new lottery will be drawn for that particular grade level under the initial admissions proceedings. The new waiting list will go into effect at the conclusion of the current school year.

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In order for your child to be a candidate for the enrollment lottery, please make sure you complete and submit the application linked below by January 16th.

Applications to attend Summit Charter School must be submitted by a child's parent or legal guardian.

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